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Kotlin Newbie To Pro – IF CONDITIONS – Part 9

In this video you will learn how to execute only certain pieces of our code. AndroidDevs on GitHub: Regular Android advice on my Instagram:

Poker Hands Kata – Kotlin – Junit 5 – BDD — 4/N

Poker hands kata solved using kotlin and junit 5. It demonstrates how to do Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) . Poker Hands Kata –

Android: XML and Kotlin connection

Connecting XML visual elements to the Kotlin Activity code completing an MVP structure.

Kotlin in 2019 by John Burns

This was recorded at GOTO Nights Chicago + CKUG on Dec 10, 2019 A brief review of the new features and developments this year in Kotlin. This will cover: – Gradle Multiplatform projects – Improvements for inline classes – Operations for unsigned number arrays – Experimental functions in the standard library – Accessing the reified […]

Cryptography Caesar|Play fair in Kotlin .. android

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