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Kotlin – How to make Chat Whatsapp with RecyclerView (Part 1)

Kotlin – How to make Chat Whatsapp with RecyclerView (Part 1) Learn app :

Android Kotlin Beginner Tutorial # 4 | Introduction to Layouts, Activity, Views, ViewGroups

In this android development with kotlin tutorial # 4, we’re going to get introduced to views, activities, layouts and viewGroups in android. —————————————————————————– Android Development with Kotlin for Absolute Beginners [87% OFF] Link to course:…

int array remove duplicates in kotlin

Code in Kotlin to remove duplicates from an integer array. Download source code at: Like and share. It’s FREE too 🙂 Follow us on Facebook

Kotlin Instagram App – Android Studio Kotlin Project Tutorial 05 – Account Settings UI

This is the video tutorial#05 for the android studio kotlin project instagram clone app. In this tutorial you will learn about android kotlin bottom navigation fragment that is how create bottom navigation bar and connect the fragments on it. So that user can click and navigation to different page. We will create account settings activity […]

How to use Retrofit2 in Android using Kotlin and Show JSON data in RecyclerView Adapter part-2

Note ** Watch in HD ** Android Kotlin MVP using Dagger 2 Retrofit Tutorial:- part 1:- In this video, you will learn how to make API Call in android using Kotlin and using Retrofit2 network library. You will learn how to convert JSON to Kotlin Data class (using Android Studio Plugin) You will learn how […]