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Android | From Java To Kotlin | Inline Functions, Delegation

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Improve Kotlin Code With Coroutines

Improve Kotlin Code With Coroutines Want to hire me?:

Kotlin Tutorial – 28 – Working with Interface

Interfaces are another way to implement data abstraction in kotlin. An interface is similar to a kotlin classes and created using the keyword interface. Interfaces contains abstract variables, abstract and non-abstract methods. A class can implement any number of interfaces. Like my Facebook page : Subscribe My YouTube channel :

Alert UI Animation Using Kotlin in Android Studio Tutorial

Hi everyone, welcome back to Angga Risky, and in this video, we will learn how to create an animation for Alert in the Android Studio using Kotlin and library from a github.com How to find an inspiration (Android Development): Have a nice day. Join the Notification Soldier: Click the bell on πŸ”” Thank you for […]

Add To Cart Tutorial Kotlin # Shopping cart Source code

In this Tutorial, I will demo how to add to Cart icon. To download all sources code for this demo In this tutorial, you’re learn: – add Button cart – action show add to cart – action remove cart + In this Kotlin android development tutorial we will implementing the on click listener in Butyon […]