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What is Kotlin? | Kotlin Programming | Kotlin Tutorial | Intellipaat

šŸ”„Intellipaat kotlin programming or Android training course: āž”In this kotlin tutorial you will learn what is kotlin, features of kotlin, variou ides in kotlin, how kotlin makes developers life easy, how to setup kotlin environment and write your first program in kotlin programming. #WhatisKotlin #KotlinProgramming #KotlinTutorial #Learnkotlin #JavavsKotlin #Intellipaat šŸ“Œ Do subscribe to Intellipaat channel […]

Kotlin Conditional Statement and Expressions – Kotlin Basics

Hi everyone in this Video i Explained about Kotlin Conditional Statement and Expressions. I explain in this Video * If , Else if & else * When statement. * When Expressions. Thank you For Watching … feel free to contact – Contact Email address: karpomkarpipoom@gmail.com or Comment Your Queries… Also, Follow us on Facebook – […]

7.1 Kotlin Classes and Objects

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Kotlin Fundamentals – Kotlin REPL

In this video, you will learn about Kotlin REPL. Kotlin REPL stands for Read- Eval- Print- Loop.

Kotlin – Clean Null Safety and No More NullPointerExceptions

How you can create clean null safety within kotlin. Reduce NullPointerExceptions! Twitter: Kotlin for Android Development Course: Website: 5 Mistakes Android Developers Make When First Switching To KotlinĀ : The Total Kotlin Course: Want to hire me?: