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“Sliced but whole. A little adventure in multiplatform world” – Oleg Semen@Lviv Kotlin User Group

Oleg showed all the obstacles on your way to running Kotlin Multiplatform project along with the ways to overcome these obstacles. As a result, you’ll see 3 apps for each platform: JVM^ JS and Native that are written fully in Kotlin share some common code and communicate with each other in real-time. Slides –

Kotlin native + Flutter by Taras Teslyuk

How to get advantages of both technologies in one project.

Kotlin/Native multiplatform example

An example of a project in Kotlin/Multiplatform for running an app with shared code on Android and iOS.

Kotlin tutorial for beginers

2.Video. Kotlin For Android From Zero to Hero 1. Install The IDE for Learn Kotlin 2. First Step With Kotlin 3. 03-get input from user in kotlin 4. 02-var and val in kotlin 5. more in val in null point in kotlin 6. 05- convert Data Types in kotlin 7. 08- math in kotlin 8. […]

Kotlin Native Multiplatform course on Indiegogo

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