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C(o)o(l)routines – kotlin at speed

Kotlin has taken the JVM world by storm. However, are there more benefits once you’ve covered all the syntactic sugar…? YES! In this session we will cover the “”newly”” released concurrency mechanism – coroutines. How do you write code that sounds “”vrooom”” once it’s deployed? What are coroutines? Do they differ from Threads and Futures […]

Kotlin When Statements in Android

How to make When Statements in Kotlin using the Android IDE. You can find the documentation for when statements here:

Neat Kotlin extension function to dispose Disposables for RxJava & ViewModels

#AndroidDev #RxJava #ViewModels Links mentioned in the video: * * Music by Chillhop: GYVUS – Weekend: Listen on Spotify:

Kotlin Office Hours 3/6 – Getting Your Team To Love Kotlin

Speaker: Varsha Venkatesh from Wayfair So you’ve discovered the joys of Kotlin, but your team isn’t feeling the love just yet. This talk will introduce a plan that will get your codebase from zero to coroutines in no time. Along the way, we will talk about how Wayfair got started with Kotlin, the things we […]