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f(by) 2020: Introduction to type-proofs in Kotlin, Imran Settuba

f(by) 2020 FP track Introduction to type-proofs in Kotlin – Imran Settuba @i-walker Type-proofs are powered by Arrow Meta – a meta-programming library and functional companion to the Kotlin Compiler and IDE. Type-proofs open the door to the Kotlin typesystem and establish a trust relationship with the Kotlin compiler where users can define functions between […]

Kotlin|LibGDX Adventure project ~day34

Aktueller Stand vom Streaming Projekt twitch.tv/quillraven Neue Features: – UI Verbesserungen – Tutorial – Intro – GameOver Schirm – Screen Transitions Code findet ihr auf

Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners || Android tutorial

Hi guys welcome, in this video I talk about new android programming language Kotlin, that what is kotlin? why should we use it? Lastly how to set-up enviroment for development. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— VS code – Kotlin compiler – inteliji IDE…

Trailer for Test-Driven Development using Kotlin online course

This is trailer for the Test-Driven Development using Kotlin online course You can find the course here Links to my Teachable site And directly here

Kotlin on the Server with Ktor by Hadi Hariri

Ktor is an asynchronous web framework built from the the ground up using Kotlin and coroutines. It provides developers the ability to create both server and client applications targeting a variety of platforms including JVM, JavaScript and macOS, Windows and Linux via Kotlin/Native. In this talk we’re going to focus primarily on Ktor as a […]