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Kotlin Tutorial – 15 – Function with Parameter & Return type

In this episode we learn about how to use a function in kotlin with return type and parameters. Like my Facebook page : Subscribe My YouTube channel :

Intro to Kotlin (Control flow)

In this video, we look at the basic control flow keywords and expressions that we can use in Kotlin. Feel free to donate: BTC: 1ExBSiaEa3pceW98eptJwzR9QHrYZ71Xit ETH: 0xD210Ea51F1615794A16080A108d2BC5471F60166 ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsqPcLbpt3C9nkSW2HvMJJCER5c9ijxKwXDet3GT5KchnUp458zN9uVmCzRjzwyy8usFUEhwBQ63h2ZjvyAXHYnHRG8MZpv Check out our Blog: Check out our Twitter: Check out our Facebook:…

Using Kotlin for the First Time with Hackerrank Balanced Bracket Question

Transferring java knowledge and other programming language to learn another. Best way to learn a language is to apply it to a problem.

Kotlin for Beginners: Next Android platform language | APT17

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Learning Kotlin Language Features By Practice – Part 1 | Kotlin – The Fun Way

Bored of just reading about Kotlin’s language features? In this episode you will learn about quite a few of them (parameters on steroids, lambdas, IDE tricks etc.) by trying to open up a connection to the database – with Kotlin’s Exposed library. Original Source: ### For more of my stuff ###: Java Courses: Email: info@marcobehler.com […]