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Kotlin Reflection with Andrey Breslav

Kotlin Reflection with Andrey Breslav

Belajar Java #62 – Project CRUD (part 3) – Cari Data

Mari Belajar Java lebih dalam dengan cara yang santai di Kelas Terbuka dengan Bahasa Indonesia. Ini channel youtube untuk belajar ngoding paling Kece se-youtube. ======================================= Source Code bisa didownload di: ======================================= Playlist Bahasa Lain: – Bahasa C++ : – Bahasa Python…

how many types of memory areas allocated by jvm | java interview questions | wikitechy.com

Class ,Heap Stack, Program counter Register, Native Method Stack. how many types of memory areas allocated by jvm,what gives java its write once and run anywhere nature,what is jit compiler, how many types of memory in java,jvm memory allocation in java, what all memory areas are allocated by jvm,what is platform in java, types of […]

An Introduction to JVM Performance by Rafael Winterhalter

Writing software for a virtual machine enables developers to forget about machine code assembly, interrupts, and processor caches. This makes Java a convenient language, but all too many developers see the JVM as a black box and are often unsure of how to optimize their code for performance. This unfortunately adds credence to the myth […]

#2 Kotlin Hello World:Create your first Kotlin project and Run it in INTELLIJ IDEA | 2019 |

Kotlin Android Beginner Tutorial: How to write code in Kotlin and run it in Intellij IDEA. Kotlin is now official Android Language as declared in Google I/O. Say bye bye to Java and say Hello World in Kotlin. Like and subscribe my channel —- Thank you for your love and support —-