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Java language mcq | English|multiple choice question in Java| Java programming tutorial

In this tutorial video, I have discussed following 17 + 3 bonus MCQ or multiple choice questions which are very important for examination, interviews, entrance test, online quiz, programming competition etc. I have discussed following multiple choice questions and explained how the answers are selected. 1. Which component is used to compile, debug and execute […]

Java at Speed: Building a Better JVM

*** approfitta subito per acquistare un biglietto per VoxxedDays Milano 2020: *** Getting the best performance out of your Java applications can often be a challenge due to the managed environment nature of the JVM and the non- deterministic behaviour that this introduces. This session will start by looking at what we mean by speed […]

CON1517 An Introduction to JVM Performance

Writing software for a virtual machine enables developers to forget about machine code assembly, interrupts, and processor caches. This makes Java a convenient language, but all too many developers see the JVM as a black box and are often unsure of how to optimize their code for performance. This unfortunately adds credence to the myth […]

Class 2 Understand the Differences between JVM vs JRE vs JDK in java in one video

Java Beginner tutorial covering the differences between JVM [Java Virtual Machine], JRE [ Java Runtime Environment ] and JDK [ Java Development Kit ]. Also checkout how they are related to each other and whats their practical usage. How they are organized and how they work together to make java a Platform independent language. Also […]