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Equals and hashcode in Java Part 1 – How they impact Collections – IMPORTANT | Java9s

equals and hashCode methods implementation in the data objects is extremely important when the application creates and hold data obtained from the database or from any source. It is important that applications does not maintain the redundant information as part of the objects which eat the memory as well as impact the performance of collections […]

Visual Studio Code Java Development Basics

Basics of setting up Visual Studio Code for Java development. Download Visual Studio Code – Link to blog posting with all the details of this video:

Java interview question on hashcode() and equals() || Java collection interview questions on HASHMAP

This tutorial covers a very popular java interview question on hashcode and equals method in java.By asking this question interviewer checks your understanding of java collections and wrapper class together. So this tutorial covers few questions like : 1) how to stop duplicate entry to a hashmap with respect to a customized class 2) How […]

WAS: Java EE architecture: Containers, Components, Annotations

This IBM Counter Fraud Management (ICFM), or ICFM, technical support video explains IBM Message Queue WAS Java EE architecture Containers, Components, Annotations

Exception Handling In Java | Exception Handling In Java With Examples | Java Tutorial | Edureka

( ** Java Certification Training: ** ) This Edureka tutorial on “Java Exception Handling” will give you a brief insight into Exceptions in Java and its various methods to handle the Exceptions along with examples. Through this video, you will learn the following topics: What is Exception Handling – 1:30 Error vs Exceptions – 2:22 […]