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Minecraft Revisited – The 64Bit 4Gb 4Thread Java Jive Back To Spawn (1080p)

After showing the Map of the World in the Minecraft video before this one. I start out at the house we left of in the last shader video and I check out the shader settings and use the java environment parameters that MSKinght5 is using. I do use the WIndows Launcher with a built-in java […]

Ready for Java 9 – Bridging the Gap Between Database and Stream by Emil Forslund

Whenever you write code that mixes languages and domains, such as Java and SQL, you are going to get bugs. A solution is to move away from query languages such as SQL and instead write your business logic with the type-safe and object-oriented constructs we have learned to love in Java, such as streams, predicates, […]

Second Reality by Future Crew – rendered as ASCII art [Java demo]

This is a demo of my ASCII art generator called BaAA, running on “full code page” mode. The generator does antialiasing by calculating brightness of the input glyphs (fonts) by dividing the each square for the glyph by 4 or 9 (configurable), and can do gamma correction and dithering. The player also supports various options […]

Tips and Tricks – Concatenate Strings in Java

This video demonstrate the difference in speed and memory usage between different ways of concatenate strings in Java. Links to download the code are listed below: Google Drive: Dropbox:

Docker as productivity boost for Java developer (Igor Dmitriev, Ukraine) [RU]

I am going to share my personal experience with Docker. The talk will be based on just practical examples, no theory, just hardcore. Next aspects are going to be covered: – Continuos Integration/Delivery – Docker on AWS – Integration/Acceptance testing – TestContainers – Docker Compose – Container Orchestration If you still don’t use Docker or […]