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Tutorial How To Install Mods Into Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (PC).

Resorep: Java Needed: Green to Red Lightsaber: Created by Callyste Jedi General Outfit: I Broke Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: Full Jedi Fallen Order Walkthrough…

CON2711 Java 8 Unleashing Lambdas by Executing in a Distributed System

Lambdas are a cornerstone of the Java 8 release, greatly enhancing the language with highly expressive constructs to capture functions. Dividing application logic into functions facilitates parallel execution across CPU cores, and a further step involves making lambdas truly dynamic by unleashing them for execution across a distributed system. This session’s presenters entirely deconstruct the […]

Manhattan Transfer : Java Jive (cover by Astrid & Arief)

It was a pleasure to make some cover songs with Astrid. She was Award-Winning Architect – Indonesia’s Most Powerful Woman of The Year – One of Seven Eco-Warriors Who Are Changing the World in the USA Hope you enjoy the song … more to come Cheers 🙂 This video was taken with #Canon EOS

Raspberry Pi SI1132 UV Index Ambient Light Sensor Java Tutorial

SI1132 UV Index Ambient Light Sensor I²C Mini Module. The Si1132 is a low-power, ultraviolet (UV) index, and ambient light sensor with I2C digital interface and programmable-event interrupt output. This sensor IC includes an analog-to-digital converter, integrated high sensitivity visible and infrared photodiodes, and digital signal processor. The Si1132 offers excellent performance under a wide […]

Detecting Surface Changes: Practical Android Java Development Part 68

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