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Java for Testers – Part 139 – Math Class

In this video, I have explained about the Math Class and its predefined methods in Java

Browser Navigation in Selenium with Java | Refresh Page | Navigate to URL Backward | Forward – E14

In this Episode we will see the following: 1) Navigation to a URL. 2) Refresh a Web page. 3) Navigate Forward. 4) Navigate Backward. 5) The Difference between Get and Navigate methods in Selenium Web Driver, which is a common Interview Question. And our Scenario Example for this Episode will be: 1) Open a Web […]

Java for Testers – Part 140 – max() Math Class Method

In this video, I have explained and practically demonstrated using max() Method of Math Class in Java.

Design Pattern – Transfer Object … Spring IOC

We conduct excellent Java classes in Pune. The Java training in Pune is handled by a team of experienced professionals who has years of experience in this particular field. Apart from Java, we organize python classes in Pune. Python is also one of the useful mediums in owning a reputable career nowadays. Python training in […]

Java for Testers – Part 143 – Packages

In this video, I have explained about Packages and practically demonstrated Creating them in Java. – Purpose of Packages in Java