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Java Basics – For Loop Examples Part2

This video shows how to use for loops to print number lines. It starts by briefly describing the pattern, then it demonstartes some examples in jGrasp.

Java Beginner Tutorial 1 – Getting Started

Java Beginner Tutorial 1 – Getting Started ================================= Today we will learn ——————————— 1. What is JAVA 2. A simple architecture of java 3. IDE for Java (to write java programs) ______________________________________ 1. Java is a programming language Sun Microsystems James Gosling – 1991 – 1995 2. Architecture: Platform independent 3. IDE for java – […]

Java Interview Questions and Answers | Java Tutorial For Beginners | Java Tutorial | Simplilearn

This Java Interview Questions and Answers Tutorial will answer some of the questions asked in a Java Interview: 1. What is Java? (0:15 ) 2. Why is Java called a platform independent language? ( 0:25 ) 3. What are the access specifiers for Java? ( 0:49 ) 4. What is data encapsulation and what are […]

How to read names from Keyboard using Scanner in Java? | Java IO | Java Tutorial

Java Source Code here: Click the below link to download the code: Github Link: Bitbucket…

Java if else statement | Java (Java Tutorial)

Java Conditional Statements: It uses to test the condition. If the condition is true then some action will be performed. There are 4 categories of conditional “if” statements: if statement if-else statement if-else-if ladder statement nested if statement if statement: Simplest conditional statement if-else statement: if-else is a conditional statement. Use case: If your age […]