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First Stand-alone App on Kotlin

Understanding the basic structure to create own app and knowing the possiblities to which language and simple basic code shown can be extended. Running app highly depends on your SDK which may differ according to your system and INTELLIJ IDE version.

Kotlin, Android O, Google Lens y el Google IO 2017 #io17

Todos apuestan a AI y Machine Learning; el asistente de Google para iPhone; Google Home es un teléfono; Google photos (impresas); qué es Kotlin y por qué deberías aprenderlo si eres programador de Android, todos los anuncios de Google en un solo video. Google IO es el evento que conecta al gigante de internet con […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 071)

Kotlin: Android Instant Apps: Android Studio 3.0 Canary 1: Google Play Console: Google Cloud TPUs: TensorFlow Research Cloud: Firebase: Google Assistant: Android Wear: Android Things Developer Preview 4: Payments: The Developer Show is where you can…

Zero to App: Live coding a Firebase app in JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift (Google I/O '17)

What do engineers do when they get a bigger screen? They put more content on it. So what happens when you put a bunch of Firebase engineers on the biggest stage at I/O? Exactly! Come see what the Zero-to-App team has come up with this year for their live-coding spectacular. Using Firebase, we will show […]