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360 Video 2D integration for Android demo

Learn how to integrate 360 video in 2D for Android in Kotlin using the Google VR SDK. Follow the link for more info

Google maps integration in Android Google maps android studio Kotlin tutorial

Simple google maps integration in Android Download link

August 18, 2019 – Data integration in a Blazor WASM application. HTML, CSS, and C# goodness!

Jeff starts by sharing some good news, and continues into our ResourceManagement application to work on the date and time data entry web assembly components. — Watch live at

Full Stack Application – ReactJs, Spring Boot (Java 8 ) and OAuth2 Integration (Part 1)

This is an overview of the Integration between ReactJs and Spring Boot using OAuth2 protocol – Part 1. Next Part of the video we will go through step by step …

NodeJS and Angular Integration, Module System (Gujarati) – Day 15 | MEAN Stack Corporate Training

Code: This is a training that was conducted at Elegant Microweb Ahmedabad. Topics covered: NodeJS and Angular Integration, NodeJS Module System, cors middleware.