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netbeans 8.2 install problem ( java SE Development kit (JDK) was not found on this computer )

run below commad your netbean.exe –javahome “path to jdk” netbeans-8.2-windows.exe –-javahome “C:Program FilesJavajdk-9.0.4”

How to Download and Install VLC Media Player in Windows 10

Download free VLC Media Player In this video I am going to show How to Download and Install VLC Media Player in Windows 10 PC. Introduction to software: VLC Media Player VLC media player (commonly known as VLC) is a portable, free and open-source, cross platform media player and streaming media server written by the […]

Install Node And Verify Version On Ubuntu

Step by step guide: In this video we show you how you can install node js and also verify the version you have installed. “As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications.”

Cara Install Java Development Kit (JDK) + Membuat Program Sederhana || di Windows 10

JDK (Java Development Kit) JDK adalah Perangkat lunak yang digunakan untuk melakukan proses kompilasi dari kode java ke bytecode yang dapat dimengerti dan dapat dijalankan oleh JRE (Java Runtime Envirotment). JDK wajib terinstall pada komputer yang akan melakukan proses pembuatan aplikasi berbasis java, namun tidak wajib terinstall di komputer yang akan menjalankan aplikasi yang dibangun […]

Install IReport On Windows 7 64 Bit With Java 64 Bit

Problem with running iReport on Windows 7 64 bit / Java 64 bit , how to setup ireport.conf