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Difference Between var and val/ How to take input from user in kotlin-2019 lecture 6

What You’ll Learn: 1. Build Android apps using Kotlin Programming Language 2. Explore the basic functionality of how an Android app works using Kotlin 3. Use Android APIs such as save data permanently and implement Navigation Drawer 4. Implement Lists using RecyclerView and learn about Kotlin classes 5. Utilize the Power of Kotlin in your […]

Learn forms in HTML | form element | INPUT element | TEXT input | RADIO button | SUBMIT button

First lesson of HTML FORMS tutorial.In this lesson you can learn about FORM , INPUT, TEXT INPUT, RADIO BUTTON and SUBMIT elements. Im my channel you can find full HTML course: Watch my most recent upload : In this link you can find CMD TUTORIAL: Tutorial about WINDOWS TRICKS:…

07 – Create an HTML input form for a PHP web app

How to input data into a mysql database using a web html form and PHP.