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CSS Tutorial 5 – External Stylesheets

In this CSS tutorial, we talk about external stylesheets and how they can be used to style an HTML document, while at the same time, keeping our HTML and CSS code separate, as we write our CSS code in a separate (external) file and then include it within our HTML document’s “head” tags. By using […]

Web Page Design (Part I): Visual Elements

Following the series of tutorials in HTML, XHTML, and CSS we turn to the design aspect of web design. We use HTML and CSS to add visual interest.

26 Final Project Creating a Simple Website 1 of 7

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XHTML Tips & Tricks: CSS Buttons

From my series in Beginning HTML and XHTML is my first installment of “HTML Tips & Tricks”. I begin with using CSS to create Navigation-style Buttons.

HTML video tutorial – 37 – html navigation within same page

HTML video tutorial – 37 – html navigation within same page html – navigation within same page: First step: create a named or uniquely identifiable section in the page, using name attribute or id attribute. Second step: in anchor tag href attribute value should be “#value of name attribute” or “#value of id attribute”. Note: […]