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HTML #12 – link

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Install – Hyper / Mac Os X – JS/HTML/CSS Terminal Command Line App – Part #01

Donate Me and my Work as Developer: PayPal Install The New Command Line Terminal App for Mac Os X ! GitHub: Website: Install: Homebrew $ brew update $ brew cask install hyper $ npm search hyper $ open -a SublimeText ~/.hyper.js #commandline #terminal #commandlines #app #hyper.is #git #unix #macosx

CSS Tutorial 5 – External Stylesheets

In this CSS tutorial, we talk about external stylesheets and how they can be used to style an HTML document, while at the same time, keeping our HTML and CSS code separate, as we write our CSS code in a separate (external) file and then include it within our HTML document’s “head” tags. By using […]

HTML Tutorial #04 – CSS (Basics) font-family

Neben dem C Tutorial, kommt jetzt auch HTML, später noch CSS und Java/JavaScript. In diesem Video erkläre ich, wie ihr ein id Attribut innerhalb eines a-Tags verwendet, und damit einen Verweis auf eine Textzeile innerhalb des HTML Dokuments erstellt. _________________________________________________________
 Programmieren von HTML Dokumenten, ab Tutorial #05 wird ein Editor benötigt, einer der unten aufgelistet […]

HTML video tutorial – 03 – Features & limitations of HTML

HTML video tutorial – 03 – Features & limitations of HTML Understanding the features, advantages and limitations of HTML : Features of HTML: Simple and small language Markup language. Powerful language for formatting web pages Supported by multiple platforms Supported by multiple browsers Flexible and maintainable Limitations of HTML: HTML has limited designing capabilities. So, […]