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Wipro Coding Question Solved 2018 Hunt Input and Output with Java | Programming with Karthi

——-Java Program—— ——-Wipro——- Input: wxyza Output : bbbbb Explained Detaild in Thjs tutorial Keep watch and comment Share with Your Friends Subscribe My Channel —-Do you want more videos like this—– Comment Below Programming with Karthi

Decompile Android APK into Java and Xml (Hunt for Malware)

Decompile APK into Java and Xml (Hunt for Malware) Subscribe now Please subscribe, ring the bell and share this video. (and comment) locate an apk to play with I selected Scan for malware with look for a description of the…

Bug Bounty Hunt Web Pen-Testing (Part 3) HTML Code Reflected Injection(GET) on BWAPP(All 3 levels)

Contact me via my Social media channels in the description section or leave a comment. Watch the entire video to understand the underlying concepts !! Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment letting me know, to get free Ethical Hacking CEH10 tutorials ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST. First 2 modules of CEH V10 Course material […]

Scala Downunder – Christopher Hunt – Scala for people who are happy with Java

Christopher Hunt Senior Software Engineer at Typesafe at Scala Downunder 2014. Christopher is a senior engineer at Typesafe and a member of the Play framework team. He is now also involved in the active application of akka-streams, akka-http and akka-cluster. In this talk Christopher will discuss the features of Scala he finds useful on a […]