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Formatting of Text in HTML || My Program

Hello All. Today in this video we will study 1 new thing called “Formatting of Text” In which Bold , Strong , Italic , Superscript , Subscript , Inserted , Deleted , and much more tags. Follow and Like us on Facebook : If you like this video , Like it , share with your […]

HTML Tutorial for Beginners || Text Formatting || EP:03

This vid will be about HTML Text Formatting. If you are interested in learning HTML but know nothing, then you are in the right place. I will be posting more and more of HTML vids hope u all like it. if u are into self learning css, html and etc visit link down below and […]

Text Formatting Elements Tutorial in HTML || HTML Tutorial For Beginners Part 5 @ TechniKa Coding

In this tutorial you will learn about basic HTML Formatting tags like bold, italic, underline,mark,delete,strike,strong. HTML formatting tags are used to format the website content or text. Video by SOUTRIK ACHARYA LIKE || SHARE || SUBSCRIBE

What is formatting tag in HTML?

What is formatting tag in HTML? There are several tags exist in HTML to format text, like ◄b► , ◄i► etc. These formatting tags can make text bold, italic, sub/superscripted, and more. Reference: Working with HTML Text Formatting Tags – Tutorial Republic Aug 4, 2019

HTML Basics

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