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Ubuntu BlueJ & JDK (Java Development Kit) 7 u40 Installationsanleitung [TUT]

So installiert man BlueJ und das dafür benötigte Engine Alpha & JDK auf dem Linuxbetriebssystem Ubuntu JDK Version: 7 u40 Downoads: BlueJ: Engine Alpha: (direkt link) Codes für JDK installation: Hoff ich konnt euch helfen…. 😀


The comment tag is used to insert comments in the source code. Comments are not displayed in the browsers. You can use comments to explain your code, which can help you when you edit the source code at a later date. This is especially useful if you have a lot of code.

How to add JAR file to local Maven repository? : javavids

How to add JAR file to local Maven repository using command line? Part of Java online video tutorials:

How to Create an HTML Form That Stores Data in a MySQL Database Using PHP Part 2 of 4

Get the updated source code here: Watch the updated version of this tutorial here: For more video tutorials, go to Learn how to create a PHP form that will store data in a MySQL database. In this 4-part series, you’ll learn the exact PHP code you need to connect…

How to Convert Html to ePub

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert Html to ePub. Don’t forget to check out our site for more free how-to videos! – our feed – join us on facebook – our group in Google+ This tutorial will show you how to convert Html to ePub. We will be downloading and using the […]