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404 Page – Tutorial Html | Css

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Install Node JS, NPM, iTerm, and Visual Studio Code! Step by step

Start using node by following this video! I show you how to install Node.js, NPM, Visual Studio Code, and iTerm2. Node allows us to run Javascript outside of the browser! NPM is Node’s Package Management system and let us install code that other people have written so we can use it in our own projects […]

How To Increase Ram On Minecraft Bukkit Server

Hello there today I’ll be showing you how to increase your server’s ram so it’ll be less laggy for players NOTE!: Make sure you have the correct version of JAVA or this will not work simply download it from the website: make sure to sub and like please 😀 Thank you 🙂 IF YOU HAVE […]

Learn Django Forms with Treehouse

Django Forms let us quickly create HTML forms and validate information from users and APIs. Django gives us two types of Forms, basic Forms and Model Forms, which turn our Models into Forms. Our learning app needs quizzes, so let’s build them with Forms! Join Treehouse today and get your first two weeks free! Learn […]

How to Scan and Remove Unused CSS Properties | PurgeCSS Tutorial

How to scan and remove any unused CSS properties easily with purgecss. A Node.js Tool that will analyze your HTML/JS and automatically clean up all unused CSS for you! Project Link: