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Android Live Q&A #65 – Hours Coding Per Day? Result/Either Monad Explained, Activity Data

Format – 2 Live shows per week: 1. Live Q&A (Sunday 9:00AM UTC-8): Live Q&A is directed towards beginner and intermediate Android/Java/Kotlin Developers with questions regarding said topics. As a self-taught developer, I never wanted anyone to do my work for me, but I could have benefited greatly by someone explain fundamentals and pointing me […]

How to Code in HTML and CSS in 2 Hours – Complete Beginners Course

Access the FULL COURSE here: As an entrepreneur have you experienced any of the following symptoms? Spending too much money on development. Having to wait weeks to get little things fixed on your website. You can’t move forward with your business idea because you don’t have a technical co-founder and you can’t code. If the […]