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How to install Java on Windows 10 and set java path and java home (JAVA_HOME)

This video explains to set java home (JAVA_HOME) and path on Windows 10 (with Java download & installation)

Install Jdk and Setting Java Home in Windows 10

How to Install JDK and Setting path Environment in Windows 10 A. Install JDK 1. Check os Configuration 32 bit or 64 bit 2. Download JDK according to os configuration(32 bit= jdk windows x86 or 64 bit= jdk windows x64) 3. Install JDK B. Setting Environment Variables 1. create new java home and jre home […]

Arduino Esp8266 with C# and Java Socket Communication and Esp flashing

Hello there, this video is for the Socket communication between Arduino with ESP8266 with C# or Java App. ———————————- Link for the used code – ———————————– ———————————– This tutorial can help for making remote control and automation systems.it may help to make game controllers as well, you can use this concept for quadcoptor, spy robots […]

How to configure JAVA Home, Android Home & Maven on MAC OS – Part 1

How to configure JAVA Home, Android Home & Maven on MAC OS – Part1 Direct link to article : You can visit my blog : Click to subscribe my channel :

How to Set JAVA HOME Path for Android Studio in System Variables

Learn as how to set JAVA_HOME path for Android studio in system variables under environment variables so that you can start Android studio to run your applications. Follow simple and easy steps to set java path in less than a minute.