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Java and Haskell – Similarities and Differences by Dervis Mansuroglu

The Java programming language has evolved a lot over the last year. With future releases from projects like Panama, Loom, Amber, and Valhalla, Java will continue to adopt features that developers know from languages like Kotlin and Scala. One area that Java still differs, is functional programming. There is especially one functional language that people […]

Pelea lenguajes: Haskell vs Java vs Lisp vs Rust vs Elixir

En esta primera edición de pelea de lenguajes de programación los luchadores fueron: @scasware Haskell , @edivargas Java, @neodevelop Lisp, @gusdelact Rust, y @hiphoox Elixir

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topics talked • • 〈Proliferation of Computing Languages〉 [ ] • 〈OCaml Tutorial by Example〉 [ ] • reasonML • 〈How to Use Unison for Syncing Files (Unison tutorial)〉 [ ] • 〈Tessellation〉 [ ] • 〈Tilings and Patterns Book〉 […

BazelCon 2018 Day 1: A Tasty Tower of Sandwiches

From C++ to Haskell to Java and back Mathieu Boespflug (Tweag)

Introduction to Intellij Haskell plugin by Rik Van der Kleij

When Rik was learning Haskell he missed the IDE features that he knew from Java and Scala. So he decided to create his own Haskell Intellij plugin. The plugin is still actively developed and adapted to the evolving Haskell ecosystem. In this talk he shows the main features of the plugin and explains how the […]