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Top Functional Programming Languages 2004 – 2019 (based on Google Trends)

Follow me on Twitter: Programming languages included: OCaml, Scala, Haskell, Swift, Elm, Kotlin, Racket, Scheme, F#, Clojure, Elixir, Rust, Lisp, Erlang

Haskell blogging time — reflex server side html rendering 1

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Using Haskell at FINN.no – Sjur Millidahl

FINN.no has more than 110 developers today, and most of these write code in a OO language like Java, Kotlin or Node. How did we bring Haskell into this mix, and how did people react to it? Most programming we have been exposed to are object-manipulation and imperative statements. Learning Haskell is a hard thing, […]

Programador Java na aula de C++

Vejam como é o primeiro dia de um programador Java na aula de C++

Should I Learn Haskell or Scala?

Should I learn Haskell or Scala? Haskell has far better syntax. I’ve heard Scala has strict evaluation, which makes it easier to program. Scala is Java compatible, so you are better able to work on apps that interface with Java. And more project opportunities. Which language do you think is easier to work with? Haskell […]