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HTML Forms & PHP Forms Handling

In this tutorial series will guide you to learn the basics of PHP, discuss the basic of HTML form handling. inputs of and html form and show the couple of different types of data which inputs $_GET(). ———————————————————————— How to Translate Language On Facebook Messenger How to Set Your Photo on USB New Trick For […]

Handling Datepicker in Selenium using JavascriptExecutor – Java

Handling Datepicker using JavascriptExecutor – Java is one of the most important topics in Selenium. We can handle this scenario very easily using JavaScriptExecutor in the selenium web driver. Facebook : Linkedin : Google+ : Twitter :

Event Handling and Callback Methods with Java in Android

Are you concentrating now? Let’s get down to business and make our app interactive. So we’ve got one button hooked up, but it doesn’t do anything. That’s where event handling comes in. Event handling means we’re going to do something when an event happens, in this case, a button click. We do this by adding […]

Java Tutorial # 14 | Exception Handling in Java – Checked and Unchecked Exceptions

This video tutorial explains about the the Java Exception handling mechanism. I have explained the exception hierarchy, Errors, Checked exceptions and Unchecked Exceptions. An example has been demonstrated for try,catch, finally, throw and throws clause. I have also explained the rules related to catch block and also about creating the new checked exceptions and unchecked […]