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Easily Include Your Logo! / HTML + CSS

Very simple and easy to do!

Html : Form Tag Part 3 – Fieldlist, Legend, Output in Html 5.0 (Ss Bro Tech)

In this tutorial we are going to use Form remaining elements Tag i.) Form Elements of Form i.) Fieldlist ii.) Legend iii.) Output

lesson 2 – Basic HTML – Web Development (this is how to start)

Basic HTML tags: This is Lesson 2 of our series of lessons on Web Development. If you have taken a look at Lesson 1, then you are good to go. This introduces you to the basic HTML document structure that you need to know to come along with me on this tutorial… Also we write […]

Html / Tutorial 1

IN this tutorial you will learn how to write the html page. You are going to learn the DOCTYPE TAG HTML TAG BODY TAG h1 To h6 TAG and the paragraph TAG

HTML Form example (Pizza order)

This video shows how a form is made in HTML. The example used is basic and shows some of the attributes and inputs that can be used when creating a form. Please note that i said the size for input ‘how many’ was for how many digits the textbox could take, i meant the size […]