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Getters and Setters – Learn Getters and Setters in Java

Getters and setters let you set/get private variables in a class with methods. Get 7 Free Tips on How To Think Like a Programmer: Learn java in just 14 minutes: Getters and setters in java can be tricky at first… But SURELY you’ll get it 🙂 If you followed along, congrats! You learned by-doing! I […]

Learn Java Tutorial for Beginners, Part 15: Getters and Return Values

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#4 Learn Java For Android- Modificateurs d'acces et les getters setters – [720p HD]

Ce tutoriel a pour but de vous apprendre l’essentiel sur Java afin d’ĂȘtre Ă  l’aise dans le dĂ©veloppement Android.

Getters and Setters Explained (C++, C#, Java)

In this video we’ll look at getters and setters. It is not intended to be language specific although I have used C++ code throughout for illustration. Whether you are from a Java, C# or any other Object-Oriented language background, the reasoning behind using getters and setters is the same. This video is my attempt at […]

Kotlin Tutorial – Chapter(49): Getters and Setters

Chapter 49 of the 75 video strong Kotlin video tutorial.