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Certified Java Chapter10 Lesson7 Generic Syntax

Short Notes: You can write a single generic method declaration that can be called with arguments of different types. Based on the types of the arguments passed to the generic method, the compiler handles each method call appropriately. Following are the rules to define Generic Methods − Each type parameter section contains one or more […]

Mixing 2D HTML with a 3D Web Scene, A blend4web Scripting Tutorial, Custom Anchors Code Snippet

This tutorial explains the script of the custom anchors code snippet that comes with blend4web. The snippet is designed to show the three types of anchor that can be attached to a Blender empty object. The three types are – Annotation Custom Element Generic Annotation is the easiest but style and behaviour cannot be changed. […]

Arduino Esp8266 with C# and Java Socket Communication and Esp flashing

Hello there, this video is for the Socket communication between Arduino with ESP8266 with C# or Java App. ———————————- Link for the used code – ———————————– ———————————– This tutorial can help for making remote control and automation systems.it may help to make game controllers as well, you can use this concept for quadcoptor, spy robots […]

Android Kotlin – Generic Basics

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Gson Android Kotlin Tutorial – Parse Generic Lists from JSON & Introduction

Gson is an open-source JSON library which aims to be simple and quick to use while providing a bunch of options to accommodate even some complex use cases. In this tutorial you’re going to learn the basics of Gson and how to generic classes (lists to be exact) to and from JSON. Parsing JSON strings […]