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Simple Parallax Website Design Useing || HTML & CSS

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NodeJS / Express / MongoDB – Build a Shopping Cart – #48 user model and passport setup

user model and passport setup || node js What is Node.js? Node.js is an open-source server environment Node.js is free Node.js runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) Node.js uses JavaScript on the server. Why Node.js? Node.js uses asynchronous programming! A common task for a web server can be to open […]

How to make profile picture in round shape with hover effect using html and css

Hello Friends, In this video i am going to teach you image hover effect with make it round shape that we will use as a profile picture in our website. if you like our video please hit like and if you are new in our channel please subscribe our channel. Thanks & Regards. NarenETech.

Draw Smiley Using Applet in Java program

Hi guys, Part 4 [Library Management Adding book details to database:- Part 3 [Library Management] Creating Add publication and Add Branch page with database :- Part 2 [Library Management] Creating Master page for admin:- Part 1[Library Management] Creating Master page and Admin Login:- Link of Our previous video PHP Uploading Image to database and retrieving […]

html study || only for beginners #part 3 || By Technical Tips

Dear friends thanks for watching my video. html study || only for beginners #part 3 If you like my video please share your friends and subscribe now . Made by Tekendra Oli