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mene is video m aapko HTML ki bohot main cheej k baare m batay hai and kaise hum apni form data ko kisi ko na dekhne de security kaise lagaye or baaki sab aap log video dekhke samjh lijiye agar koi problem ho to mujhe comment kar ke bataya

Laravel 5 (5.1) for beginners #7 Forms & HTML

Do you want to hire me? Click here: 🚀 🚀 Videos are uploaded first on and then on YouTube (5-10 days later). Questions are answered only on If you have questions, then post it there. Courses *Unique features: you can take notes on each video Forum *Unique features: you can upload source code files to […]

How HTML Forms Fieldset Legend Elements Should Speak To Screen Reader Users

This video shows TalkBack with Firefox on Android which has the best support for HTML Forms fieldset legend element accessibility construction technique. The legend is meant to serve as the common label for the group of related inputs. This is a very common pattern for radio buttons and checkbox controls and required for WCAG 2.0 […]

How To create a HTML Forms | HTML Forms

This tutorial is for Descriptions of HTML Forms. In this session I covered Basic form element . The input Element The most important form element is the input element. The input element can be displayed in several ways, depending on the type attribute. By using example of Enquiry form described text box, radio buttons, checkbox […]