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Save an image to SD Card in Android with Kotlin

Save an image to the SD Card in Android, by following a series of steps in a live code example: 1) Add permission to AndroidManifest.xml, 2) Add provider to AndroidManifest.xml, 3) Create file_paths.xml file with the files that our content provider can access, 4) Create a unique filename with SimpleDateFormat and today’s date, 5) Define […]

HTML Intro – Basic Text Format Tags

Find code and diagrams at: You use Tags in HTML for basic font formatting in HTML. More sophisticated formatting can be done with CSS.

import contacts from format android to icloud

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Save Emails from Maildir Files as HTML Format in Bulk

The best solution to save Maildir to HTML format in bulk. Explore the best solution to save single or several Maildir++ / Maildir files into HTML file format. You can export and save emails in your Maildir sub-directories like cur, tmp, and new into HTML format in few simple steps. The RecoveryTool Maildir Migrator software […]