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2. MySQL PHP Search Programming : Build the HTML Search Form with Filter List

Form Code: Part 2 of MySQL PHP Search Programming Exercises for database driven web sites. Search pages that allow advanced targeting and filtering of information. Learn to build HTML Search Forms and Advanced Search Filters, Various MySQL Search Query Methods, Joined Table Queries Targeting Multiple Tables, Natural Language Full-Text Search Queries, Boolean Full-Text Search Queries […]

PHP – How to Upload a File to Your PHP Web Server – HTML Form and PHP Script Tutorial.avi

This video shows you how to use PHP to upload a file to your PHP web server. I start with the HTML form, that prompts the user to browse for a file to upload. Things to watch for: Use the enctype=”multipart/form-data” attribute in your form declaration. If you forget that, nothing will work. The form […]

biodata registration form html

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PHP & HTML Contact Form in 2 Minutes with Validation & Submit

This is a short version of how to create a php contact form with validation and form submit in just about 2 minutes! I move really fast in this video, but it shows how fast you can create something like this form, by simply using the advanced resources available today like codepen.io 😉 ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` Hey […]

HTML Tutorial for Beginners: 24 Textarea Box / Multiline Input Form Field

I’m going to share with you how to create a text box or a multiline input form field on your website using HTML. Multiline input forms are very useful when you want the end user to write and submit one or more paragraphs of text. You’re going to learn how to create a multiline input […]