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How to add screenshot in Allure Report for Failure Test Cases – Allure Repot Part 2

In this video, we will learn about how to add a screenshot for a failure test case in Allure HTML Report. You will learn : 1. How to use allure testng listener 2. How to add screenshot method in OnTestFailure Method 3. What is @Attachment annotation 4. And finally generate the reports with failure test […]

Protractor from scratch 12 | How to create HTML Reports with Screenshots on Failure

FREE Courses – Today we will learn 1. How to generate HTML reports 2. How to embed screenshots on failure in html report Step 1 : Get protractor html reporter npm i¬†protractor-html-reporter-2 Step 2 : Add data in conf.js file Step 3 : Run conf.js and check reports generated Step 4 : Add data to […]

Warning ! First watch this Java sucess vs c++ failure ! one Format to explain everything.

Welcome to Prime Programming in this video we will see the why C++ is Failed and Why Java is Sucess. c++ 1.C++ is platform-dependent. 2.C++ is mainly used for system programming. 3.C++ supports multiple inheritance. 4.C++ supports pointers. You can write pointer program in C++. C++ Produce Output Only in Same Operating System. C++ is […]