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restaurant reservation system using html,css,php,phpmyadmin

This is our sample project in school and also my first web design. Most of it are based thru the guidance of: Credit to Timothy Go check His tutorial here: and to those good guys in youtube who helped me to finish this project. background music is – French Greeting by Billy Van

Web Development Basics – Understanding HTML (Beginners)

In my previous video, we look at what a HTML file is and how it is used to build a web page. In this video we look at a HTML file and identify its key areas. We then go on to adding basic content to the page and briefly disuss formatting. In part 2 we […]

HTML Basics Tutorial – HTML Tags, How to make HTML Mailer? I Dreamweaver

Hey Guys this video is a different one of its kind! and now anyone can learn HTML so easily! Timestamps: 01:08 Learn Tr and Td in html 02:59 Leard P Tag in html 03:51 Style commands like changing font size, changing font color, padding left,right,top and bottom, text align, 06:21 Making content to bold 06:58 […]

HTML5 Tutorial 8 – Intro to HTML & CSS | BTT

Tutorial :- Intro to HTML & CSS in HTML5 Playlist :- HTML Tutorial for beginners Tutorial description: In this tutorial we will discuss HTML & CSS.So enjoy the tutorial. If you are interested in more online HTML video tutorials, watch full playlist here on HTML: Don’t forget to subscribe, simply by subscribing you can gain […]

Preparing your Content Pages for Advanced HTML Editor 3 Content

With this movie we will show you how to prepare your content page for Advanced HTML Editor 3 content