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Selenium Webdriver Java || Mouse Hover in Selenium || Deep dive in actions class

This video will guide you How to Perform Mouse Hover in Selenium Webdriver using Actions class. In Selenium we have to perform mouse hover very frequently for AJAX applications. We will discuss below points in detail. 1. What is the difference between Action and Actions in Selenium? 2. Difference between action.build().perform() and action.perform() 3. The […]

Micronaut Deep Dive by Graeme Rocher

This session is for developers looking to go beyond the basics with Micronaut, a new microservices and serverless framework for Java, Kotlin, and Groovy. Taking an extensive look at how advanced features such as dependency injection (DI), aspect-oriented programming (AOP), and ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation work, the creator of Micronaut, Graeme Rocher, will walk attendees through […]

Java Virtual Machine Deep Dive – Teil 2

Was sind Safepoints, Tiered Compilation, Constant Table, Tenured oder Shenandoah? Jeder dieser Begriffe hat mit der Java Virtual Machine (JVM) zu tun. Als Java Programmierer nutzen wir täglich die JVM, machen uns aber selten bewusst wie sie funktioniert. Dieser Vortrag bietet einen Blick hinter die Kulissen und stellt die wesentlichen Komponenten der JVM vor: Runtime, […]

Java Fundamentals: Dive Into IntelliJ IDEA

“Dive Into IntelliJ IDEA: Using NetBeans to Compile Exiting Programs and Create New Ones” covers getting IntelliJ, opening the IDE and configuring tabs and line numbers, creating a project and adding existing code to the project, and creating a new program. This video is an excerpt from Java Fundamentals LiveLessons Part I of IV (Video […]

Deep Dive Kotlin du Hello World au Bytecode (I. Laborie, E. Vinas)

Comment aborder un nouveau langage ? Les uns répondent en codant, les autres en regardant son fonctionnement en détail. Dans ce ‘Deep Dive’ nous vous proposons les deux ! Quoi de mieux qu’un live-coding d’un exercice complet pour découvrir les idiomes du langage. Puis en regardant sous le capot, les fonctionnalités que nous n’avons pas […]