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Dealing with Vector Drawables and @Experimental Kotlin Coroutines

This event is composed of two talks: “Dealing with Vector Drawables” by Juraj Kuliska The core of the talk is to show how to create your own vector icons from scratch or edit the existing ones you get from your design team or download from an external source. I’ll focus on how to draw shapes […]

How to create webpage layout using table (html tutorial)-Easy tutorial w

This tutorial is just to give you general knowledge on how to use the tables. HTML Tables The table element was not designed to be a layout tool! The purpose of the |table| element is to display tabular data. So, do not use tables for your page layout! They will bring a mess into your […]

DevBytes: Web Components – HTML Imports

Web Components are a set of technologies that changes the way you develop web apps entirely. By making components scoped and reusable in standardized way, your web development will step up to the next level. In this video, you will learn how to work with HTML Imports. Subscribe to the Google Developers channel here:

How to structure an HTML document and how DOCTYPE works

Browsers have been around for a while, and they’ve lived through many versions of HTML. In this video we learn how to tell the browser which version we’re using so that we don’t end up with some difficult-to-troubleshoot issues down the road.

Passing variables from python to html – Django Web Development with Python 5

Welcome to the fifth part of our Django web development with Python tutorial series. In this tutorial, we’re going to cover passing variables from Python to our HTML templates. To try this, we’re going to build our “contact” page. Adding a new page, of the personal app, what are we certain to need? We will […]