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Object Cloning in Java [ Program ] (Must see : 2020)

Shallow Copy:-Shallow copy means to make a copy of the reference to obj into obj1. It is simply say that call bye value. Deep Copy:-It makes a copy of all the members of obj, allocates memory in a different location for obj1 and then assigns the copied members to obj1 to achieve deep copy.Deep Copy […]

JAVA SOURCE CODE for Customer Reviews Analysis with Deep Neural Networks IEEE 2019-2020

JAVA SOURCE CODE for Customer Reviews Analysis with Deep Neural Networks for E-Commerce Recommender Systems IEEE 2019-2020 Download source code @ WWW.MICANSINFOTECH.COM ; WWW.SOFTWAREPROJECTSCODE.COM Call: +91 90036 28940 ; +91 94435 11725 MICANS INFOTECH PVT LTD, pioneer in software application development, android apps, medical imaging , research applications , customized software applications, ERP systems . […]

Selenium Webdriver Java || Mouse Hover in Selenium || Deep dive in actions class

This video will guide you How to Perform Mouse Hover in Selenium Webdriver using Actions class. In Selenium we have to perform mouse hover very frequently for AJAX applications. We will discuss below points in detail. 1. What is the difference between Action and Actions in Selenium? 2. Difference between action.build().perform() and action.perform() 3. The […]

Baking Cake in Deep Pans | Two Minute Tips & Tricks | Global Sugar Art

There are so many choices for cake pans today a baker is never sure what to buy and what will work best for their cakes and in their oven, especially when trying to bake cakes in 3-4″ pans. Let Chef Alan reveal his tricks for baking deeper cakes in this quick video. Facebook – www.facebook.com/globalsugarart […]

What is HTML? The brain of KaiOS apps – OmniSD in deep – BananaHackers

Applications for KaiOS and Firefox OS are like a human body: The heart is called manifest.webapp, the brain is a main HTML file, the skin is a CSS file while the JavaScript file is the locomotor apparatus. In this first video I’ll try to explain how an HTML file works. I will take for example […]