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Kotlin Tutorial – 33 – Access Properties of Data classes using component functions.

In this video we learn about what is the use of component N() functions in data class. We can access individual properties of the data classes using the component functions like component 1, component 2 etc. If there is n properties are available for a data class objects, then there are n component functions are […]

Kotlin Tutorial – 32 – Data Class equals() function

In this video we learn about what is the use of equals function associated with a data class. The equal function in data class help us to compare two objects. The equal function in data class compare two objects by using the object property values not by using the hash-code. Like my Facebook page : […]

Kotlin Tutorial – 30 – Data Class copy() function

This video demonstrate what is the use of copy() function available with the Kotlin data class. For a Data class we can change the values of properties of an object by using the copy function. You can make copy of an object with some properties value change. Like my Facebook page : Subscribe My YouTube […]

Data Class – Kotlin Programming

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Data Class in Android Kotlin

Android Kotlin Laptop Review E-Commerce App Tutorial. Create a Data class and define List of Laptops too. Use Kotlin Data Class for this purpose. and then use it for RecyclerView. #Data #Class #Kotlin Previous Video : Android Kotlin Material Design Cource : Android Kotlin Laptop Review App Full Cource Free : Pokemon Go Game Using […]