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Id Selector in CSS / HTML

Hi guys in this video I have discussed the id selector used in CSS. An id selector will select only that element from our HTML file whose id attribute value matches the id selector name in our CSS file. I have also written a simple code for better understanding. Hope you like it…… Like us […]

How to Use CSS Selector for Identifying Web Elements -Selenium Webdriver with Java tutorials

Title: How to Use CSS Selector to locate Web Elements – Selenium Webdriver with Java tutorials Blog: www.amarindaz.com FB page: Youtube subscription: ========================= Subscribe and Stay Update! Join our Automation testing newsletter and get updates delivered to your email- ========================== What is CSS?? CSS is “Cascading Style Sheets” and it is defined to display HTML […]


You won’t get far in web dev without understanding CSS selectors, and they aren’t hard at all! Play with the code! View the whole Web Development Tutorials for Beginners playlist! Using CSS selectors are the bread and butter of HTML and CSS coding. You have to think about what elements on your page you want […]