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A route through coroutines | Andranik Azizbekyan

Senior Android Engineer of DISQO – Andranik Azizbekyan covers tips about Kotlin coroutines, its use cases in Android development with practical examples. Find the presentation here: Learn more about Andranik and his professional path: * * About: In cooperation with Magnus HR, Android Manifest Armenia aims to connect or reconnect with Mobile engineers and tech […]

Kotlin How To – What is Kotlin and why should you consider using it?

This details what Kotlin is and shows some ways in which it differs from Java. Advantages of Kotlin are also highlighted as well as a couple cool features of the language, including: – Data classes. – Named arguments. – Extension functions. – The Elvis operator. – Coroutines.

Kevin Gorham – Effective Coroutines

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of Kotlin Coroutines? These days, there is a large volume of complex information available on the topic. This session distills that vast content into a simple, digestible set of “items” illuminating what to do, what not to do, and why–by taking what the experts have said and applying […]

Kotlin Singleton Example with MVVM and Coroutines

High quality android courses: In this video I’m going to show you an example of how to use Singleton objects with Kotlin on Android. I’ll start by talking about: – Why we use singletons – When we use singletons Then I’ll show you two examples: **Example1:** In the first example I’ll build an example single […]

RxJava vs Kotlin Coroutines: A New Hope

This is a recording of a presentation Pamela Hill and myself did at JavaConf Johannesburg 2019. We compare RxJava, Coroutines and Star Wars for Android Development. Pamela details: Jacques details: