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Server Code With Kotlin – Ktor Rest Endpoint Example Kotlin – Simple Routing

In this video, you’ll learn to start writing server code with Kotlin. We’ll explore using Ktor to create a rest endpoint in Kotlin. We’ll walkthrough: – how to setup a new Ktor project – how to create some simple routes – how to manage those routes using extension functions – how to start locally testing […]

Html 5 Introduction and Start to Code | Tutorial No1

Tutorial No1 Html 5 Introduction and Start to Code #html #2020 #programing

html and php embedded code

in this tutorial we learn how to use php in html code embedded code using php and html more click this link

06 06 Exercise 1 Translating A Formula To Java Code

In this video training course on Programming with Java for Beginners, expert author and professor Mike McMillan starts you along the path to enlightenment with Java, by introducing you to the basic concepts, tools and functions that you will need to build fully functional programs with the popular programming language, Java. Starting with the download […]

Alexey Soshin – Visualising concurrency with Kotlin | Code Mesh LDN 19

This video was recorded at Code Mesh LDN 19 – Get involved in Code Sync’s next conference – — VISUALISING CONCURRENCY WITH KOTLIN by Alexey Soshin THIS TALK IN THREE WORDS: Visualise Kotlin Concurrency TALK LEVEL: Advanced ABSTRACT Concurrency is a hot topic in the past 5 years, since scale of our systems continues to […]