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Learn Front End Web Development 2019 Build Services Page in HTML

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Most used Programming Language in the World (1990-2019)

Popularity and usage of Programming language have changed from C, ADA, PASCAL, LISP, BASIC, COBOL in 1990’s to Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, Kotlin, Swift in 2019. Link to my Websites :- Suraj Bahadur github : Suraj Bahadur Website : Suraj Bahadur Facebook – Suraj Bahadur Instagram – -suraj bahadur

Names of all Programming Languages | Top Programming Langauges | Latest Programming languages

Top Programming languages and Latest Programming Languages: In this video, we have shown the names of all programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python,Ruby,Swift,Kotlin,Dart,Perl,COBOL,Cobra,Fortran,MATLAB,PHP,HTML,XML,XHTML,BootStrap,Angular JS,Node JS,MongoDB,SQL etc. If you know any other programming languages then please write their names in the comment section. Please share & like the video and Subscribe our Channel HASHTAG […]