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3D Our Team Page Concept | Cloud 9 3D Carousel | HTML, CSS & JavaScript (JQuery)

A 3D Perspective Carousel for JQuery focused on performance, based on the ‘Original Cloud Carousel’ by ‘Professor Cloud’. Source Code – Plugins : Cloud 9 Carousel : Reflection JS : Font Awesome Icons CDN : JQuery CDN : —————- Social Media —————- Personal Account : Facebook :…

Graal: How to Use the New JVM JIT Compiler in Real Life

Chris Thalinger is a software engineer working on Java Virtual Machines for over 13 years. His main expertise is in compiler technology with Just-In-Time compilation in particular. Initially being involved with the CACAO and GNU Classpath projects, the focus shifted to OpenJDK as soon as Sun made the JDK open-source. Ever since Chris has worked […]

SuiteCloud: Adding Fields and Sublists to Advanced PDF/HTML Templates

Source code editing of advanced templates is recommended only for users with CSS and HTML knowledge. In this video you will learn how to use FreeMarker expressions to include field IDs and sublists from NetSuite transaction records in advanced PDF/HTML templates. This video demonstrates the following: – Use the SuiteScript Records Browser to find field […]

How to Make Your Own Podcast in Audition | Adobe Creative Cloud

Make your own podcast and learn how to edit it with Adobe Audition: Learn the basic steps to record, mix, and export audio content for a podcast — or any other audio project — in Adobe Audition. After setting up your input device, learn how to create a basic multitrack session, record an audio track, […]

How to Create a Multicam Sequence with Audio Sync in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Get started with multicam editing in Premiere Pro: In this tutorial (edited from a Facebook livestream), Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows you how to set-up and create a Multicam sequence, leveraging Premiere Pro’s powerful audio-sync feature. —- Want to participate in our Make the Cut music video editing contest for the chance to win $25k? […]