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How to Disable Java in Chrome on Mac

Keep your browser safe – Disable Java in Chrome. Mac security is important and disabling Java can be worth doing seeing as the bad people are starting to target Macs. It is not difficult to disable Java in Chrome although I did have to scratch my head a few times while following a how to […]

Web Development for Complete Beginners: HTML Form Validation

In this video, we take a look at two ways in which we can implement validation on our forms using only HTML. There are other more complicated ways of validating forms but in this video, we’ll focus on only two methods using just HTML. If you have any questions feel free to leave it in […]

How to fix Npapi plugins 2018 (fix flash, java, silverlight and more!)

IE Tabs link: Works on WINDOWS fine (with Internet Explorer on it) May work on MACBOOKS (haven’t tested but if you install internet explorer and then install it might work. If it does, comment pls!) CHROMEBOOKS: Why did you buy one in the first place? Shortlink to video:

How to run Selenium WebDriver test cases in Chrome?

SELENIUM WEBDRIVER:How to Open Google Chrome Browser using chromedriver in Selenium WebDriver | Java Programming This Selenium Webdriver tutorial video guides you how to run test scripts on google chrome browser & how to download chrome browser .exe file from the internet and also guides how to use the chrome browser .exe file.In this video […]

Html Tutorial 5 Mailto: and Tool Tip

This is a html tutorial for any and everyone, make sure to check out the first one if you havent already! Mailto: and title attribute! Make sure to check out my website, im having a 50 dollar give away july 1st very excited. Also if you have time like I do uploading this video,check out […]