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BASIC coding tutorial in Python, Java, C++

HI all! thanks for watching this trial run of coding tutorials. I realize C++ and Java are almost exact when it comes to small coding projects so I think in the next series I will cut one of them… I will also be doing coding along next time instead of just showing you my work […]

Java program to check Number is palindrome or not?

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Basic Java Error Checking

A quick video describing how you can perform simple error checking in Java.

How To Program Web Pages In HTML! Part 1: Headings, Links and tables *OLD*

Let’s learn about headings, links and tables!

Web Development Live Class 02 Basic HTML Part 02

How to learn HTML? #Learn_HTML #Bangla_html_tutorial how to watch and learn video tutorial sublime text 3 for code editor pixie software download notepad++ tips/guide title, html5 format, a, attribute, tag name, img, src, alt, sub, sup, strong, abbr, del, iframe, src, video, audio tag. #learn_basic_html