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WAD Forms 1: Basic HTML Forms

Quick look at basic HTML Forms with text and checkbox input and handling in PHP. Looks at difference between get and post and a little bit of abuse filtering. This video is one of many in a series supporting the Web App Development course at Strathclyde University – they are made available under CC agreement […]

Create A Basic PHP Contact Form // 2 of 2

Part 2 of this PHP forms series shows you how to validate your new form. I’ll use validation code from W3Schools.com for the PHP validation and built in HTML validation provided by the browser. PHP Validation Code on W3Schools Form Validation on MDN ————————————————————————– Like this video? Please give it a…

Web Development Basics – Understanding HTML (Beginners)

In my previous video, we look at what a HTML file is and how it is used to build a web page. In this video we look at a HTML file and identify its key areas. We then go on to adding basic content to the page and briefly disuss formatting. In part 2 we […]

Html Basic || link and img tag || Html Course Class 03

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HTML: Introduction, Tags, Attributes, Table, Image and Basic Skeleton (One)

#html #sciartfun #basicsofhtml #programming #tableimageattributes #htmltags Hypertext Markup Language. In the table I have made a mistake i.e. instead of th and /th I have typed th and /td. I mean the closing tag of th is wrongly typed as /td. So sorry for that. Please use th /th instead of th /td.