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Squish for Java: Automated GUI Testing – Webinar + Q&A HD

This webinar illustrates automated GUI testing with froglogic’s Squish for Java edition, automating against multiple platforms using a single set of tests. The live Q&A session is also included in the recording! Have another type of application? Java AWT/SWT/Fx, Qt, Qt/E, Web/Flex, Android, .NET, MFC, etc. Squish interacts similarly with each technology: recognizing actual objects, […]

performance of C++ vs DotNET C Sharp vs Java for quant research with HFT potential and automated tr

I just did a simple test of looping with no graphics, OS, or database calls. i hope this is enough to walk away with some decent metrics on each language.

Learning Web Development with the MEAN Stack: Automated Seeding of Data | packtpub.com

This playlist/video has been uploaded for Marketing purposes and contains only introductory videos. For the entire video course and code, visit [ There are times when you need a specific set of data to test something that will grow over time. A dashboard is perfect here. • Review what the Chance library is and how […]