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Android Kotlin: Forecast App 06 – Current Weather View & ViewModel – MVVM Tutorial Course

📗 Get the code from this tutorial 👇👇 We have already created a Retrofit service, WeatherNetworkDataSource as an abstraction on top of that service, local database with entities and DAO using the Room library and lastly a repository to rule them all. So, technically speaking, we currently have the model layer done. What’s missing to […]

Android Kotlin: Forecast App 07 – Current Weather User Interface – MVVM Tutorial Course

📗 Get the code from this tutorial 👇👇 After creating the ViewModel and the base for the View in the previous part, we’re going to take a little break from heavy Kotlin coding. That’s because this part will be focused on creating a nice UI in XML layout and then connecting this layout to our […]

Android Kotlin: Forecast App 08 – Settings & Unit System – MVVM Tutorial Course

📗 Get the code from this tutorial 👇👇 Having created the user interface in the previous part, we’ve kind of finished our work on current weather related things. The only problem is that many values which we’re currently using are hard coded. Take for example the location for which we want to fetch the weather […]

Android MVVM Kotlin Tutorial – LiveData + ViewModel (Android Architecture Components)

📗 Read the written tutorial with all the code 👇👇 Start saving time now by planning weekly with Week Sweep: Model – View – ViewModel is an architectural pattern which will empower you to write manageable, maintainable, cleaner and testable code. MVVM is also supported and encouraged by Google itself. There are many first-party libraries […]

Android Tutorial 2019 #7: Implementing ViewModel w/ MutableLiveData, Kotlin Coroutines, MVVM

In This part of the tutorial, we build the ViewModel portion of our Model-View-ViewModel architecture. As discussed in other episodes, we use a particular style of MVVM in this feature, where the View is kept very simple, but at the cost of losing reusability of a given ViewModel. I will be going in to more […]