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Mastering Kotlin for Android Development : Lambdas | packtpub.com

This playlist/video has been uploaded for Marketing purposes and contains only selective videos. For the entire video course and code, visit [ This video provides an overview of the entire course. What are lambdas and how they improve the readability of the code? • Explore the code without lambdas and its verbosity • Learn about […]

Request Rest API with okhttp on Kotlin in android studio 3.0.1

Request Rest API with okhttp on Kotlin in android studio 3.0.1 github:

Android Dev : Send Java Model or Bean Object between Activities via Intent + Parcelable

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Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 27 – ProgressDialog

Learn Kotlin on Android Tutorial. We use the ProgressDialog while doing Network Communication Because user shouldn’t interrupt the network call. Also, we show this when we do any long progress(less than 30sec). Source Code Link: Download Android Studio 3.0 Stable Release:

Android Tutorial (Kotlin) – 20 – AutoCompleteTextView

CodeAndroid – Learn Kotlin for android Development Layout File (activity_main.xml) : Kotlin File (MainActivity.kt) :